Friday, October 12, 2012

Two Babies, Two

When I first saw Burl next to Fern, I thought that I would see her as small and him as much bigger.  That's what everyone told me would happen, and that's how I thought it would go.  It's not.  All I saw were two babies: Fern so very small and Burl not much bigger acting like such a big boy.  He tried to feed her food, he throws away her diapers, he does things to make her laugh, and he warns me if she's crying.  It all seems like such big stuff for a 2 1/2 year old.  Who is he but a baby himself loving on another baby?  

Yesterday, I found them being a little less baby and a little more kid.  I'm starting to find them like this more and more: playing together.  Sometimes she'll find him or he'll get her involved in his play, but either way, it just fills my little mama heart to the brim to watch them bond, interact, and relate.  Gosh, it's just amazing!

They paid no attention to me as I took some pictures.  They just kept on with their play.  He was telling her how to work on the chair.  He let her have the special hammer.  She just loved being a part of it.  Next thing I knew, they were both standing up next to each other.

This might have been the first picture I have of them where they are both standing up.  I so wanted to get Burl to move over just enough to see Fern's face, but I didn't want this posed and I didn't want to interrupt.  Magically, Burl scooted to the side and I got a picture of her face!  I instantly looked at it on my camera and marveled!

Yes, he is much bigger than she is.  He's in the top percentile for his age and she's at the bottom, so the difference is dramatic.   Even so, I still look at both of them and think "little."  He's 2 1/2 and she's 11 months and they are still new to this world.  John and I still ask each other, "does it feel real to you yet?"  No, these two children of ours are still such a amazing, new thing and it's so good it's surreal.  Two babies, two. 

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  1. Love it! They are definitely both babies and it's lovely that they are finding each other.