Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Saturdays That Slip

Dinner tonight was a picnic in the backyard.  It was complete with a quiet fire in the fire pit to add the perfect balance of warmth and ambiance.  As we headed back inside, I remembered that I have a blog and a goal of blogging everyday this month.  

I thought about scrambling to pull something together quickly, but that's no fun and it's not really my style.  Instead, I relish the fact that the way the day had unfolded had kept me completely focused on my family and not much of anything else.  Saturdays,


  1. I think the best blog posts are the ones that are inspired by the way we actually live our lives. They write themselves, and have a power that speaks truth into the readers' lives. Like this one did for me.

    1. Yes! I love this. I want to print it out and tape it to my computer. thanks for the encouragement.