Friday, October 5, 2012

Three Ribbons

I have already started buying Christmas presents.  I'm not going to shame anyone into thinking they should too, because I'm surprised that it's already happening.  Instead of writing a list and coming up with ideas, I started spotting things that I wanted my family to have.  I clung to this organic gifting, because it's not always the case for me and I love it!  With gifts being bought, wrapping is soon to come.  Again, not trying to make anyone feel guilty-I'm just accepting these feelings as I go.

While I could spend some serious effort and money on wrapping presents, I've forced myself not to go to extra efforts.  For the past few years, I've stuck with brown or white paper and fun colored ribbon.  I try to go for non-traditional colors because that's how I roll.  

We hit the ribbon store and I went with my favorite things right now: that sage and aqua combo that's so hot right now with a warm, earthy tone that is a big shift for me.  These three amigos are so adorable and they're hanging out on counters, tables, etc for a little bit so I can enjoy them. 

If you have a chance, then I would love to hear what Christmas wrapping looks like for you?  I appreciate all kinds.  Christmas with my family can look anything from plastic grocery bag to something straight out of a Martha's craft room.  Please, do share!

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